About Meera

Hi there, beautiful!

My name is Meera. I'm a photographer , art-maker, and generally loving human, wife and dog-mama. I'm also a queer woman of color, the daughter of immigrants, an empathic introvert with an irreverent sense of humor and a penchant for cussing like a sailor. 

Its taken me years to cut through the noise and start to bring my whole truth to the table, to stop being trapped in the patterns of my own history of trauma, and instead chase an open life filled with joy, warmth, intuition, humor and wisdom. I'm here to cut through the bullshit, live and share my journey...and support you, my fellow humans, in doing the same. These art prints are one way that I do it.

If you'd like a sense of connection in your inbox, you can sign up for my regular inbox snippets right here. You can join me in trying to bring vulnerability to social media. Or you can simply buy a print and bring a little piece of my work home, for your wall or desk... to remind you that we're all in this thing together.