Why I'm Here - on fear, perfectionism and this little store

So, a few months ago, I started posting little art-scribblings every few days on social media...the start of sharing myself and my vulnerability with all of you in a new and different way.

I was kind of shocked when friends and Other Good People of the Internet started asking if you could get prints of some of these images. First I got excited...and then I got scared. So I did what I do best - I hid behind my own perfectionism. I had to figure out a supplier! I had to check quality! I needed a website! I needed to buy endless test prints, of course!

Of course, I DID need to do some of those things...but mostly, I'm just scared. More than my photography, more than my singing, more than anything else I've put out in this world...these little pieces feel like raw, unfiltered, uncurated little pieces of ME. That fear of putting myself out into the world is so overwhelming that its taken me weeks and weeks to share this site.

So here it is, finally - a store where you can buy lovely little canvas prints of my pieces as I share/upload them. I love you; thank you for the validation, but more importantly, thank you for forcing me to face my own discomfort around my worthiness, and fear of imperfection.

And join me on instagram if you'd like to continue this journey. You can find all facets of me on this personal instagram page or you can just follow my art work here.

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